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Cost-Effective Marketing. Outrageous Results.

You want affordable marketing that grows your business.
We have the solution.



Our marketing services are backed by years of real-world results that prove their success in driving new business.


We have developed our own systems and procedures to ensure implementation and results for our clients are repeatable consistently repeatable.


Our approach to implementation ensures our services are affordable so that our clients see a substantial Return On Investment (ROI).

What we Do

We Turn Your Happy Clients
Into Marketing Megaphones
To Grow Your Business.

“The Machine” 

With our Testimonial Machine service, we’ll crank out high quality rich content on your website and social media that is guaranteed to grow your traffic, leads, conversions and clients.

All with zero heavy-lifting on your part.


“The Rogan”

We take the time to interview your client in-depth, to explore how your product or service has transformed their life.

The rich feature article we then create and publish on your website and social media will attract more high quality clients to your business.

“The Pincer”

Using the material created for your business with The Machine and The Rogan, we create a multi-modal follow-up campaign for your business that will pincer your ideal potential new clients so that they hire you.

Latest News

On Social Media, Your Law Firm Might As Well Be Speaking Slovenian!

On Social Media, Your Law Firm Might As Well Be Speaking Slovenian!

If you're wondering why Melania Trump is in the article's feature image, it's because she is in fact the most famous Slovenian of all time. After several weeks of working with law firms to help them better understand how to be effective on Social Media, I’ve come to a...

Why Your Law Firm Sucks on Social Media

Why Your Law Firm Sucks on Social Media

Have you got an annoying friend or relative who is always scrolling through the Facebook or Twitter feed on their phone while you’re trying to have an important conversation? Whatever they’re looking at, I can pretty much guarantee that it’s not content from a law...

We Published Our First Video & Article

Dane is a very happy client of Dolled Up hair salon in Raleigh, NC. He has a unique story and he raves about how Heather, the owner of the salon, takes care of him. Watch the video below or see our feature article on the website....