Get All The Business You Want With A Weekly Online TV Show, Podcast and Daily Marketing

Beat your competition. Establish yourself as the expert. Attract your ideal clients by showing up online.
Every. Single. Day.


What we Do

We make it easy for you to market your business with an online TV show, podcast and daily marketing.

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The formula for businesses to succeed in 2021 is simple.

To out-perform your competition, you have to position yourself as the trusted expert in your industry and keep showing up every day to reinforce that message.

With a weekly online TV show, podcast, and daily clip marketing on Social Media platforms, you’ll be marketing your business in a way your competitors can’t match up to.

Online TV Show

As producers of your weekly online TV show, we handle all the technical stuff and episode planning.

All you have to do is turn up each week for the show recording.



With your weekly online TV show episode recorded, we take the audio and publish it as your latest podcast episode on all platforms including Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher and Pandora.

Daily Marketing

We take the best clips from your weekly episode and use them to run targeted ads online that not only grow your audience – they also grow your sales, generating a massive return on your investment in the show.

Examples Of Our Work

Nooga Connection

Nooga Connection was a weekly show for the residents of Chattanooga, TN which we produced for an 8-week trial run.

Our “Pet of the Week” segments were the most popular.


DMC Marketing Nugget

The Marketing Nugget was previously just a weekly email that Devin Herz sent out for Dynamic Marketing Consultants.

Devin restarted the Nugget as a weekly online show and podcast, with Get Super Cereal handling the production and marketing.

The Pete Primeau Show

We helped Pete Primeau re-launch his podcast by producing it as a video-first online show.

Weekly audience figures blew up immediately, compared to his previous audio-only podcast numbers.

Latest News

16 Benefits of a Weekly Streaming TV Show

16 Benefits of a Weekly Streaming TV Show

After producing an 8-week trial run of Nooga Connection, a weekly online TV show for a Chattanooga attorney, we worked out that there are 16 benefits to starting your own show like we did with our client. Sure, you can shoot a quick video on your phone each week and...