After producing an 8-week trial run of Nooga Connection, a weekly online TV show for a Chattanooga attorney, we worked out that there are 16 benefits to starting your own show like we did with our client.

Sure, you can shoot a quick video on your phone each week and post it to your Social Media profiles, however, creating a proper show with our specific approach gives you many more benefits.

  1. Opens the door to relationships with community leaders.
    When you run a local TV show for the community, you’re giving a platform and reach to people you want to develop relationships with (and some of them have their own large Social Media following and reach):
    • Senators & Congressmen
    • Mayors
    • Councilmen
    • Faith Leaders
    • Redevelopment Organizations
    • Non-Profits
    • Education
    • Business Leaders
  2. Creates video content that will be shared by groups with a large following.
    When you interview somebody with a large Social Media following – whether it’s a group, a non-profit, an individual or a business – when they share your video to their following, many of THOSE people will share your content too.
  3. Vehicle for popular and viral content, e.g. pets and animals.
    Everybody likes animal videos on Social Media. But if you’re a personal injury attorney, how do you fit that into your marketing wheelhouse? The answer is to work with your local animal rescue center to produce a “Pet Of The Week” segment. They were always our most popular and most widely shared.
  1. Grows your email list.
    You’re reaching thousands of people every week. Give them a reason for them to offer you their email address and you’ll grow your email list. We did that with a weekly giveaway, but there are other things you can do.
  2. Differentiates you in your market.
    Nobody else in your market will be producing their own show. They won’t be serving the community with content they’re actually interested in. They won’t be opening new doors with the leaders in your community. You’ll stand out a mile.
  3. Have a segment dedicated to your business.
    Create a show with wide appeal, but also include content relevant to your business. For Scott’s law firm, we had a weekly segment with advice on staying safe on the road, dealing with insurance companies etc.
  4. Incorporate a sponsorship message from your business.
    You win their attention with good content and it’s OK to tell them that the show is sponsored by your business, and how they can contact you.
  5. Regular daily and weekly Social Media videos/content with clips/segments and the full show.
    The show itself is a once-a-week deal, but we can pump out a new short clip, interview or segment every single day. Different guests and topics will be of interest to different potential clients and this also enables more granular ad targeting.
  1. The “Busch Gardens” Marketing Strategy.
    Unless somebody has just been in a car accident, do they care if you’re an injury attorney?
    Busch Gardens enables Anheuser Busch to promote their alcoholic beverages without ever saying the word, “beer”. Having a weekly show gives you something to talk about besides what you’re trying to sell. Talk about your show and invite people on as guests.
  2. People will approach YOU to appear on the show, or to get you involved in the community.
    It wasn’t long before we started getting requests from people to come on the show as guests. We were even asked by one of the state political parties to conduct an independent debate between both parties’ state senate candidates.
  3. Brings out your personality and enables your potential clients to “know, like and trust” you.
    The experts say that people buy from people who they “know, like and trust”. Its so difficult to achieve that with 30-second TV commercials, but with a weekly show that’s easy. Also, you’ll be building that relationship BEFORE they’re in the market to buy what you’re selling.
  4. Supports local businesses and the community.
    Every business needs a strong local community in order to thrive, so by producing a weekly show as a community service – and promoting that show – you really are doing your bit. It’s a great way to have other businesses get behind you and spread the word about who you are.
  5. Organic website traffic increase.
    By covering local subjects of interest that people are talking about and searching for, posting all those shows, segments and clips on your website as blog updates (with suitable headlines and copy to go with them) – will boost your search engine performance, attract new visitors, keep them on your website for longer, and explain why they should buy from you.
  6. Massive Retargeting Opportunity.
    You get engagement from your local community about what THEY are interested in and they get to know who you are. Retargeting those engaged Social Media users to do business with you is much easier and cheaper than cold traffic. You can use Social Media retargeting ads to take advantage of the fact that they already know you.
  7. Re-purpose the show as a podcast.
    Once we’ve produced a 30 or 60-minute show, it’s a no-brainer for us to use the audio of that episode as the latest episode of your podcast. We can have your weekly podcast listed in all the platforms – Apple, Google, Alexa, Spotify, Stitcher etc.
  1. Opens up new possibilities.
    A weekly show opens up so many new possibilities. For example you could hold an event or get sponsorship from other businesses. The show gives you a vehicle for a special promotion for your business, with an audience already primed. You can organise local workshops and cross-promote with other businesses.

Producing a Weekly Online Show Has Never Been So Easy

To gain all 16 benefits from a weekly online show, you need to take care of both the show itself and all the associated marketing.

That’s where Get Super Cereal comes in.

We can produce your show, including booking guests and all technical aspects, as well handle all the post-show marketing.

Find out more about our 8-week trial run with Nooga Connection here – or book a call with us to discuss how to get your own show started.