About Get Super Cereal

Get Super Cereal was co-founded in 2019 by Billy Fansler and Simon Aronowitz to create engaging content and marketing campaigns for businesses that will grow their sales.

We specialise in live video production and in-depth story-telling content, all designed to drive clicks, likes, shares, comments and above all, sales.

How It Started

Billy and Simon met in 2009 when they both attended – separately – their first GKIC conference in Atlanta, GA, headlined by legendary copywriter Dan Kennedy and outrageous marketing expert, Bill Glazer. 

L-R: Billy Fansler, Simon Aronowitz at the BrickUniverse Lego Convention in Raleigh, NC, March 2019

As the Marketing Director for PILMMA (The Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing & Management Association), Billy was attending the event with Ken Hardison, the President of PILMMA.

Meanwhile, Simon was attending in a personal capacity. When Simon arrived at the event, he was the owner of an IT support business he hated. Simon was trying to help his clients grow their businesses with websites that attracted and converted new clients. By the end of the conference, Simon realized he had a natural talent for marketing and that was where his passion really lay.

That meeting in Atlanta in November of 2009, when Simon met Ken and Billy, was the beginning of a great friendship that would develop, over time, into a great creative partnership between Billy and Simon.

Working For PILMMA

In the intervening years, Simon and Billy would effectively “tag-team” with the marketing activities for PILMMA – when Billy left in 2011 to pursue his own business, Simon stepped in to take over his responsibilities. And both Simon and Billy would come and go, handing over the marketing to role to each other, and each time building on what the other had achieved before them.

At the same time, Billy developed an expertise in email and marketing campaign automation with platforms like Infusionsoft, and Simon developed a reputation as the only expert in client testimonials – what made them powerful, how to successfully get them and how to correctly use them so that they were truly effective in growing a business.

L-R: Billy Fansler, Ken Hardison, Simon Aronowitz at the 2014 PILMMA Super Summit in Chicago

But Billy and Simon didn’t just tag-team on PILMMA’s marketing – they also worked together on several projects for PILMMA, generating record revenue and membership growth. Between 2018 and 2019, their combined efforts grew PILMMA’s revenue by 50% and membership by 43%.

Their greatest successes were with creating engaging content for both the website and Social Media, doubling website traffic and exponentially growing Social Media engagement.

But the biggest success at PILMMA for Billy and Simon was by using Simon’s years of experience with client testimonials to create the most effective and converting content and funnels that the organization had ever experienced.

These weren’t testimonials like you’d find anywhere else. They weren’t just wallpaper that was easy to ignore. What would have been reduced to just a soundbite by almost every other business, was instead turned into rich content, packaged and laid out like any other worthy content would be treated by any smart marketer.

Testimonials were made engaging, shared heavily on Social Media and driving traffic to rich feature articles on the PILMMA website, which incorporated the members’ testimonials as part of a narrative that put the testimonials into a clear context.

Testimonials were no longer just a button on the website sidebar. They were the central feature.

As part of a marketing funnel, the organization saw more opt-ins to the funnel than from any other featured content – except for their webinars.

Over this te- year period, Billy and Simon had many times discussed the possibilities of going into business together, but it never quite happened. That was, at least, until the beginning of 2019, when they realized that they had a great formula, a great working relationship, and a great opportunity to build a business for themselves by providing those same results for other businesses.

So Why “Get Super Cereal”?

Since their first meeting in 2009, Billy and Simon always found a way to explain the world through the philosophy and antics of the TV show, South Park, of which both are huge fans.

The name “Get Super Cereal” comes from the 6thepisode of season 10 of South Park, when former Vice-President Al Gore is on the hunt for a mythical creature, ManBearPig, (half man, half bear and half pig). Al Gore enlists the help of Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny to hunt down ManBearPig because he was “Super cereal”.

The phrase stuck.

When Simon and Billy decided to go into business together, they wanted to communicate that they were serious about delivering outrageously effective marketing, but also wanted to create a company that, from the outset, was about having fun with their work and with their clients.

They wanted a company name that was anything except stuffy and boring.

And Get Super Cereal was born.