After being a guest on a weekly show produced by Get Super Cereal, Emmy Winning producer/director, Bob Rose, volunteered this great feedback – completely unsolicited.

“I am overwhelmed by how awesome the whole experience was,” said Bob. “It was quite an awesome thing. I’ve been on at least 20 of these video podcast interviews, promoting my movie, and this one definitely stood out as the best.

“The way that Simon and Billy do this with their Get Super Cereal, and the way everything kind of came together – it was a one-take thing, and it looked like – It looked better than some of the shows that I watch regularly on television today.

“Playing clips, graphics, all done right real-time. If you are serious about wanting to do a weekly show like this – especially a video show – make sure you get with the team at Get Super Cereal, because they are the ones to go see about this. They really do a top-notch job.”

Bob had just appeared as a guest on the DMC Marketing Nugget, a weekly show produced by Get Super Cereal.

Bob was appearing on the Marketing Nugget to talk about his new documentary, InstaBAND, which should be required viewing for all business owners.

InstaBAND shows how recording artists are going it alone – and succeeding – without the backing of major record labels.

The biggest secret to their success? Massive content creation and Social Media engagement.

InstaBAND is a documentary that every single business owner should watch – especially if they want to know how to grow their business online in 2021. This documentary shows you where all the action is.

You can watch InstaBAND The Movie on Amazon Prime by clicking here.

Watch the full episode of the DMC Marketing Nugget below, or on Facebook.

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