Procrastination is the greatest enemy of success.

For most business owners, it’s much easier to focus on taking care of customers and running the business instead of putting time into the creation of marketing assets.

“There’s always tomorrow,” you might say to yourself.

Eventually, you get in the habit of putting off the one thing that’s going to bring you more business – your marketing. That’s a habit that should scare the crap out of you.

We’re going to break 10 9 businesses of that habit by producing super effective marketing in just 30 minutes.

Quick Turnaround

On our first episode of Marketing On The Fly, we helped one of our clients, Devin Herz from Dynamic Marketing Consultants, produce his weekly Marketing Nugget video in about 30 minutes.

See the entire process from start to finish here:

We were pretty proud of the outcome.

The idea of being highly focused with our end goal in mind, producing a quality marketing video with all of us spread across the globe – AND doing it all in about 30 minutes – jazzed us all up.

If every business can pump out content like this so quickly, we all think it’d be a gamechanger. That’s why we’ve decided to offer this to a few more businesses that are interested in taking our help to pump out some great content, fast.

Opportunity For 10 Businesses Only

If you’re ready to break the marketing procrastination habit and you want to pump out some great marketing – FAST – click the button below to learn more about our special offer.

We’ve opened this up to only 10 businesses – and as of writing this – we only have 9 spots left.