Weekly Video Livestream Production

A weekly livestream TV show is an excellent vehicle for marketing your business.

With just one show, you accomplish so much that gets the word out on the street about your business and why people should choose you first, instead of your competitors.

The easiest solution for you to produce a successful livestream TV show is to have the team at Get Super Cereal handle it all for you.

We’ve Already Done This

In July 2020 we started an 8-week trial run of a new weekly streaming TV show.

The show was called Nooga Connection, produced for an attorney in Chattanooga, TN.

Over the course of 8 weeks, we combined our live video production and marketing experience to grow the audience and engagement beyond anything his firm had previously experienced.

Why A Weekly Online Show Makes Sense

The challenge that many businesses face – personal injury lawyers included – is being relevant to their audience with the marketing content that they produce.

In the case of an injury attorney, they typically run with this marketing message:

“Have YOU been in an accident? Call us TODAY!”

We realized the solution was to create a weekly show that was focused on helping the community that the attorney wanted to serve with his law practice.

And we created Nooga Connection.

So rather than just asking people online if they’d been in a car accident, we produced a show that brought on a number of different guests each week.

With the show, we were IMMEDIATELY able to generate engagement for the attorney, whereas previously his target market would have tuned out what he had to say.

And we opened the doors for the attorney by giving him a reason to network all over town, by developing relationships with his show guests that he wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

Here’s a list of guests we had on for the first episoides:

Chuck Fleischmann – Tennessee Congressman
Jim Coppinger – Hamilton County Mayor
Andy Berke – Mayor of Chattanooga
Dr. Stephen Angle – Chancellor of UTC
Mickey McCamish – Executive Director, Riverbend Festival
Dr. Bryan Johnson – Superintendent of Hamilton County Schools
Darde Long – Chattanooga Zoo
Mr. Elijah Cameron – Bessie Smith Cultural Center
Sophie Moore – Chattanooga Area Food Bank
Rabbi Craig Lewis – Mizpah Congregation
Pastor Chris Sands – Olivet Baptist Church
Amy Donahue – River City Company
Mindy Kolin – McKamey Animal Center
Head Coach Jimmy Obleda and star player, Conor Doyle – Chattanooga Red Wolves Soccer Club
Stacy Johnson – La Paz
Lily Sanchez – La Paz

Barry White – Chattanooga Tourism Co.
Amy Petulla – Chattanooga Ghost Tours
Dr. Mark McOmie, D.M.D. – McComie Family Dentistry
Bruce Weiss – River Street Deli
Tim Morgan – Chattanooga Sports
Brandi Pearl Thompson – Greater Chattanooga Realtors Association
Letty & Curtis Smith – Circle S Farm
Miriam Manda – ArtsBuild
Charlotte Caldwell – Stove Works
Bryan Shannon – Songbirds
Sunshine Heath – Bigfoot Adventure
Ranger Robert Thomas – Booker T. Washington State Park
Walt Schaffeld – Chattanooga Pinball Museum
Patrick J. Molloy – Adventure Sports Innovation
Heath Hanson – Naughty Cat Cafe
Dr. Amanda Durall

Every guest on the list represents an opportunity to reach THEIR audience, as well as activating each one as a source of referrals and networking for new connections.

We Handle Everything – Video Production & Marketing

You’re busy running your own business and taking care of customers, so the best way to start a weekly livestream show is to leave it us.

You just need a webcam and a microphone.

We can connect you to our live production suite (the same used by TV stations, churches and live streamers across the world) and produce the show for you. We can bring in live guests or have live video feeds playing on-screen at the same time, as well as playing B-roll.

We can either produce the show live, or pre-record and package it to go out “as live” at a fixed time and day each week.

Then we take care of the syndication of the show’s audio as a podcast across all the podcast platforms.

Finally, we use clips and segments throughout the week to update your Social Media profiles and your website blog feed, while running online ad campaigns to grow the engagement and following.

Your Weekly Streaming TV Show Provides 16 Massive Benefits

We’ve worked out 16 huge benefits to you starting your own weekly livestream TV show.

Perhaps the most important benefit is that a weekly show enables you to produce content that’s relevant to your target audience in your local community.

But the show vehicle also enables you to open doors with community and business leaders in a way you probably wouldn’t have done otherwise. For example, with Nooga Connection, we had two mayors and a Congressman as guests on the show.

Check out our list of 16 benefits here.

Check Out An Episode

We produced 8 weekly episodes of Nooga Connection as a trial run.

Here’s episode 7 as an example.

On this episode, the attorney talked to:

  • Sunshine Heath from Bigfoot Adventure
  • Pastor Chris Sands from Olivet Baptist Church
  • Elijah Cameron from the Bessie Smith Cultural Center
  • Mindy Kolin from McKamey Animal Center

Check Out A Clip

Clips usually get higher engagement than a full show because they can be shared by the guest with their own Social Media following.

Short clips can also be used through targeted advertising to increase the audience of the show.

While you’re producing a single episode of a show every week, with clips and segments you have a fresh piece of marketing content, every single day

Here’s a 2-minute clip of the host talking to Pastor Chris Sands about what service in the community really means.

Start Your Own Weekly Show

Starting your own weekly livestream TV show has never been easier or more effective with Get Super Cereal.

Book a free call with us today to find out how to get started with your own show.